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MYPTJOBS.com Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most complete portal for therapy providers and recruiters seeking to hire qualified therapy professionals.

MYPTJOBS.com exclusively targets

Physical Therapists,
Physical Therapy Assistants,
Occupational Therapists,
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants,
Speech-Language Pathologists,
Respiratory Therapists, and
Recreational Therapists.

For Employers and Recruiters, we understand therapy professionals are really tough to find, and MYPTJOBS.com brings therapy providers, recruiters, and job seekers together. We provide solid technology solutions that will allow you to reach out to both active and passive therapy professionals. We have put a lot of thought into solving the problem of finding the right Therapy Professional:

The MYPTJOBS.com job posting system will ensure that
- your job requirements are explained clearly and succinctly,
- your message will reach a precise, highly trained and professional audience,
- and your opportunity will be broadcast to cast a wide-reaching net to get the most amount of attention possible from your prospects.

The MYPTJOBS.com Passive Therapy Resume Database is indexed with thousands of qualified therapy professionals in all Therapy disciplines, and in all parts of the country who you are looking to find the right person for. Feel free to browse our Passive Therapy Database with no obligation to evaluate the quality of our Therapy candidates - we feel you will find that the quality of information provided is unparalleled.

For Job Seekers, if you are trained as a
Physical Therapist,
Physical Therapy Assistant,
Occupational Therapist,
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant,
Speech-Language Pathologist,
Respiratory Therapist,
Recreational Therapist

We are dedicated to finding you the perfect job.

In addition to posting your resume in our exclusive database, and submitting unlimited resumes and cover letters for job advertisements by Therapy Providers, we go a few steps further. MYPTJOBS.com offers a host of innovative job search features that will allow you to simply and easily harness the power of social media to enhance your career progression.

The MYPTJOBS.com is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and is comprised of a team of folks with a blend of sales, technology, and recruiting experience committed to excellence and innovation in service delivery.

We appreciate our customers greatly, because you are the driving force behind the success of MYPTJOBS.COM. We have a lot of ideas and new features in our pipeline to continue adding value to the services you use, and we also welcome your feedback. Please feel free to send us any suggestions to (feedback at myptjobs dot com).

Thanks Again!

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